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Link building has now become very crucial in the times of internet. Whether you have been in the online business for a while or are a new entrant, link building is now a very crucial part of the business. No matter how much one talks about the importance of link building, it will be less. The following article will help you in understanding the concept of link building better.

Meaning of link building

Link building is basically acquiring of links known as hyperlinks to your own website from other websites. Hyperlink is a way through which users or customers can easily move from on page to another. These links are used by search engines to move between websites and within the same website. Usually building links is a time taking and difficult job. Many search engine optimization spend majority of their time in this task. So if one learns to do this part well one can move ahead of the competition.

Parts of a link

Following are the four parts of a link

  • Anchor tag- it is the beginning of the link
  • Location of the link- it is the address of the file or web page where the link will take you.
  • Text of the link- you need to click on this to get directed to your desired destination.
  • End of the link

Links and SEO

Most of the search engines use links in two ways-

To find about new websites


To know about a page’s ranking

This is done by checking out the number of links highlighting that particular page from other websites and the quality of those websites is also kept in mind. Thus, more the number of websites pointing to the page, higher the ranking.This way of checking popularity is now commonly used.

How links help a business

Cultivating relationships

As Impact Seo Solutions build links we connect with other websites and pages of our own interest. This helps in promoting your content, product and service. This will help in building contacts and relationships. All this will prove beneficial for the business in the long run.

Generating traffic

Links from well known websites can help in increasing traffic which eventually leads to increased sales. Thus a link is not just important for SEO but also clients, users and customers.

Creating a brand

A good build up of links can help in establishing the name of a brand in the online world. Making your brand through content, blogs, photos, articles are the various link building methods which are popularly used. These are the ways through which people will come to know about your product or service. This way a lot of publicity can be done.

Thus these are the ways through which links play an important role. Impact Seo Solutions use them effectively to steadily help in generating revenue for your business. One can take help of various affordable link building websites to achieve their target.