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Analytics is the latest buzzword. It is being used in all the fields to analyze the behavior of the audience and draw conclusions profitable for the business, product or service. In context of websites it represents analyzing and understanding the behavior of the audience who visit a particular website. Drawing conclusions from the visits like the requirements of people will help in retaining the audience and lure new clients. One can not only increase traffic but also business by increasing the amount spent by each individual.

Importance of web Analytics

Web analytics is a part of the bigger process which is known as the client management analytics. In this each individual is tracked for the number of times he or she visits the website, the product they purchase and repurchase or posts they like. The website then targets those individual with products of heir interest by sending them advertisements, reminders etc. Also the website is customized to suit the requirements and for their convenience. The amount an individual spends on a particular product is also noted and efforts are made to increase that amount.

Impact Seo Solutions provides accurate results in this respect making the process easy for the organization. Location of regular visitors is also analyzed to get a better idea from where which product garners maximum and minimum sale. The data helps in predicting the behavior of the clients and the products he or she is more likely to buy. Also the people commonly visiting a particular page from other websites are also taken care of. The amount spent on web analytics will eventually lead to increase profits.

Method of web analytics

Most web analytics processes involve the following four steps or stages-

  • Collecting the data: The first and foremost step is to collect the entire data or information. Everything from the number of visitors to what they buy, how many times they buy etc is noted down in this stage.
  • Processing of collected data into useful information: in the second stage the entire data collected is assimilated into tables, charts, graphs, ratio etc. This is done in order to make sense out of the collected data.
  • Developing business strategies: in the third stage the ratios are used for making business strategies famously known as key performance indicators. It includes the most important factors which affect a particular business. It will help in deciding course of the company or organization.
  • Chalking strategy for the internet: the fourth stage is all about the online market and how to consolidate it. It entails drawing an entire plan starting from goals, standard, objectives etc of business for the online world. This is done to make the brand famous and increase the revenue.
  • Analysis through experiments: in this changes are observed after applying methods learnt through analysis. The results regarding increase or decrease in traffic are decided in this stage.

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