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Unless one researches for these terminologies in the real sense, the virtual access depicts so much similarity amongst the two words, Design and Development. So is there any difference between the words, web designer and web developer? In a layman’s language a designer designs whereas a developer codes. These two terms ‘web design‘ and ‘web development’ are used interchangeably in case of a generalized concept, but looking from a web point of view they land up with two different meanings. Both come with different skill-sets.

Web Design

A web designer is expected to incorporate the look and feel of any website. Before a web developer starts developing the whole website, a web designer would model the layout of the website. It has to do with what is actually seen on a website or a mobile screen, it has no correlation with the mechanism beneath.

Role of a web designer:

  • Ability to build final layout design using software tools
  • Sharp skills in logo and graphic design
  • Approach to attain a desired result should be simple including the buttons, images and format.

Skills and tools to define a web designer

  • Graphic design
  • Colour palettes
  • Storyboards,mock-ups,and wire frames
  • Typography
  • Logo design
  • Format/complete layout

Web Development

To make the design land up into a working scenario, web developer comes into action. To make a website tick; web developer governs all the code. The technique can be bifurcated into two categories-front end and back end. Front end incorporates the display part of the design. Back end caters for managing data within the database and further serving it to front end application.

Role of a web developer:

  • Building up of interface by front end developers using libraries, pre-processors and frameworks
  • Developing the actual interface pattern to unable user interaction with the website.
  • To make the usage of Integrated Development Environment (IDE), commonly referred as software application tool.


Skills and tools to define a web developer

  • Pre-processors
  • HTML/JavaScript/CSS
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries


Clarify the distinct approach

Every one dreams to be much more marketable in the industry and excelling at what one does overall. Many web professionals keep moving between different streams, while some of them focus on specialized areas. Many of them can have partly knowledge of HTML or CSS or may be able to code few basic pages; on the contrary can be thorough in their working with visual designs using programs like Adobe Photoshop.

A visual designer is always expected to understand the basic formation of building web pages, only then he will be better equipped to design the experiences based on the pages. Similar manner if a web developer is equipped with the designing of web pages and has a grasp of basics of visual communication, then coding up pages will be at ease.

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